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Adenosine Receptor in Complex with Caffeine 5MZP

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Caffeine is a weak, non-selective antagonist of adenosine receptors. This 3D print of Adenosine Receptor (tinted brown) in Complex with Caffeine (colored by atom type) is designed to visualize the location Caffeine (color by atom type) binds to the receptor-binding pocket.

Protein Description

The adenosine A 1 and A 2A receptors belong to the purinergic family of G protein-coupled receptors, and regulate diverse functions of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, inflammation, and CNS. The structures of A 1 R and A 2A R were analyzed to identify the differences that are important selectivity determinants for xanthine ligands, and the role of T270 7.35 in A 1 R (M270 7.35 in A 2A R) in conferring selectivity was confirmed by mutagenesis. The structural differences confirmed to lead to selectivity can be utilized in the design of new subtype-selective A 1 R or A 2A R antagonists.

3D Print of Adenosine Receptor (tinted brown) in Complex with Caffeine (colored by atom type) 5MZP

Biologic Explorer: 5MZP

Explore the protein dataset used to create this 3D printed protein model.

3D Print Cannabinoid Receptor Complex 5MZP

Model Description

This 3D printed protein model of ​THC (Red) Cannabinoid Receptor (Shades of green) Complex. It is visualized as a volumetric surface and colored by the protein’s bFactor. Model created from PDB ID: 5MZP.