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Adenosine Receptor in Complex with Caffeine 5MZP

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Enjoy you morning cup of along side this of the Adenosine Receptor in Complex with Caffeine 5MZP . The Adenosine Receptor is tinted shades of brown and the small molecule colored by atom type. 

Protein Description

Caffeine, the most widely used psychoactive compound, is a weak, non-selective antagonist of adenosine receptors. It promotes wakefulness by blocking adenosine A2A receptors (A2ARs) in the brain, but the specific neurons on which caffeine acts to produce arousal have only recently been identified. In rates, it was recently shown that the shell region of the nucleus accumbens (NAc) are responsible for the effect of caffeine on wakefulness. Source

3D Print of Adenosine Receptor (tinted brown) in Complex with Caffeine (colored by atom type) 5MZP

Biologic Explorer: 5MZP

Explore the protein dataset used to create this 3D printed protein model.

3D Print Cannabinoid Receptor Complex 5MZP

Model Description

This 3D printed protein model of ​THC (Red) Cannabinoid Receptor (Shades of green) Complex. It is visualized as a volumetric surface and colored by the protein’s bFactor. Model created from PDB ID: 5MZP.