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“For we feel that our difficulties can only be resolved by human imagination rising to the task of constructing radically new concepts. We have reached one of the great stages in the adventure of thought…We are required to see the universe with new eyes, and it is because it makes such demands and also holds out the promise of realizing them, that the study of science is so supremely worthwhile.” ~ J.W.N Sullivan

At Biologic Models, our mission is to popularize the advancements science, to look at the molecular universe with “new eyes” with imagination necessary to make the unknown familiar.  We do this by specializing in transforming X-Ray Crystallography Data into 3D digital models for use telling 3D animated “Mechanism of Action” stories, 3D printed scientific replicas or amazing VR/AR experiences that transform microscopic protein data into larger than life. Scientific storytelling is in our DNA.

Our Story

Wired Magazine called our first Biologic Model a “Protein Action Figure.” We think of them as hand-held MOA’s. We’re pioneering a new class of educational experiences using interactive physical and digital media to explain the nature of health and disease taking place on the molecular landscape.

Clients tell us our animations feel like Disney movies and they call our protein models “Mechanism-of-Action” figure toys. We’re scientific storytellers. Our passion is telling your story using protein data.

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Meet the Team

Biologic Models is made up of a team of experienced 3D animators, scientists, and model fabricators. The work of members of our team can be seen on the big screen and toy store shelves around the world. Our unifying passion is science communication. Each member bringing unique skillsets and production know-how necessary to translate complex scientific messaging into educational experiences. Learn more about us below.


Casey Steffen

Scientific Director & CEO/Client Relations

Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois.


Jeremy Monz

Model Fabricator

Master Action Figure Toy Designer, Jeremy handcrafts all our molded models and bulk orders.