Project Policy

Design and Fabrication Process Overview

Every protein data set is different, requiring customizations to ensure a 3D model is created according to material and printer specifications. The only way to accurately quote a protein model is for a Visualization Scientist to spend multiple hours or days finalizing a 3D model for pricing. Only then can the final dimensions of the model be calculated and uploaded to our printers for pricing.

To best accommodate a diverse set of customers and corporate needs, we follow a Two-Step process to ensure successful project completion and customer satisfaction: 1) Design and 2) Fabrication.

Each step of the project is associated with a portion of the total project costs.  The 1-time design fee finances the hours or days required for a Biologic Model designer to finalize your model design and manage the project for the duration of production.  The Fabrication Costs are determined by the complexity of the model, the size its printed and the material used to print.

Payment of the 1-time design fee Commissions the project with Biologic Models. Payment of the Fabrication Costs happens after the design is finalized for 3D printing and passes automated 3D Print Inspections. Payment for the Fabrication Costs is sent directly to our 3D printer and initiates your project with them. Over the course of the next two weeks, we will work with our 3D printer to make any necessary changes to the design to ensure it prints and ships successfully. Once the model finishes printing, our 3D printer will ship it directly to you.

Please take a moment to learn more about the difference between our Email Estimates vs Formal Quotes, Commissioning a print, and Project Policies.

Email Estimates vs Formal Quotes

After we receive your 3D Print Request, we will review the dataset for printability and respond with any questions about the request or issues we have identified with the data.

Email Estimates

If the dataset is readily “printable,” we will calculate the model’s estimated fabrication cost and prepare a breakdown of costs to print the design. Our initial Email Estimate will list the prices for the 1-time design fee and the estimated fabrication costs to print and ship your model.

Some requests are more complex, and pricing cannot be easily calculated. For these models, initial Email Estimates will bracket models into different sizes and price ranges. Once the model is printable, we can then rescale the design so that it falls within the customer’s requested price range.

Formal Quotes

Some customers require Formal Quotes and Invoices that integrate PO Numbers and accurately calculate Total Project Costs for departmental approval. These are more complicated requests that include additional fees beyond a normal request. PO Invoicing includes a “project management fee” in addition to the design and fabrication costs.

To finalize the Fabrication Costs required for a Formal Quote, our Visualization Scientist must complete Step 1 of our two-step process and Finalize your design request for 3D printing. This can take hours and days of work for our Visualization Scientist.

If customers require a Formal Quote, we first need written approval from the customer that they can pay for the 1-time design fee if the fabrication costs we have identified fall budgetary constraints. If you require a Formal Quote, please review our Project Policy below for more information about the Cancelation of Formal Quotes.

NDAs and Legal Document Review

We’re happy to sign NDAs for clients, but it requires legal expenses for review. Simple NDAs are the best NDAs.

Commissioning a New Project

Commissioning a new project with Biologic Models happens after customer approval of the 1-time design fee and selection of a size or price range that best suits their budget. After a project commissioned, we then finalize the design for printing and resize it to best match the scale or budget you determine after reviewing our initial estimate. Only after a model is finalized and resized to the desired scale can we accurately calculate fabrication costs.

If you do not require a Formal Quote or PO Invoicing, the most cost-effective way to commission your project is to handle the 1-time design fee as an up-front payment and then purchase your model from our online (private) store once it is ready for printing.

After approval of our Email Estimate or Formal Quote, we will send a link to either a Design Service payment page or an online invoice for the Total Project Costs. Each can be to pay by credit card. Payment for either the Total Project Cost or the 1-time Design Fee commissions your project with Biologic Models.

Below is an overview of a commissioned project with Biologic Models.

Step 1: Design (<7 days)

Based on your 3D Print Request form submission, we will translate the protein dataset into a 3D printable model according to your specifications. Our visualization scientist can isolate and label with different colors any amino acid or protein structure of interest.

    • Volumetric models can be interpreted by their Atomic temperature, Hydrophobicity, Electrostatic Potential, or isolated by subdomain.
    • Ribbon models can be interpreted by their sub-structure (sheet, helix, coil). Ribbon models are limited to Single-chain protein datasets or Multi-chain proteins after additional design services. Ball-and-stick residues can be included to visualize specific interactions and bonds. Ribbon models require upfront design service fees.
    • Ball-and-Stick models interpret small molecules according to their atom size and bonds. These models are limited to only Small Molecules. Ball-and-stick models require upfront design service fees.
    • Hybrid models combine the transparent exterior surface of Volumetric models with the colorful interior of Ribbon/ball-and-stick models. Hybrid models require upfront design service fees.

After the model passes automated printing inspections, we will generate a digital preview for customer approval. Any additional Client requested changes other than those requested after the first digital preview generated may require additional design fees.

After the customer approves the design, we will then prepare a product page for the model that lists the fabrication costs for the model at different sizes. It can be used to purchase the 3D print directly from our 3D printer. We can either send you a link to the product page or an email with a link to the invoice for the remainder of the project balance. Payment of either will initiate the order of our 3D printer.

Step 2: Fabrication (7-10 days)

Payment through either the product page or the online invoice automatically generates your order with the 3D printer. We will continue to work with our 3D printer over the next ~two weeks to resolve any remaining issues they identify during a manual inspection that immediately proceeds 3D printing the design. Once the fabrication complete, our 3D printer will package and ship the model directly to you.

Normal Project Scope and Project Management Expenses

Normal Project scope should be considered no more than three weeks. If the design stage extends beyond 7 days, additional Project Managment expenses are required.


Project Cancelation and Return Policy

Sometimes customers decide not to proceed with projects, and we do our best to accommodate managing the expenses to do so.

Cancelation of Design Service

Should a customer that has financed the 1-time design fee,  and then must cancel the project before model finalization with the 3D printer, 50% of the design fee may be refunded.

Cancelation of a Formal Quote Request

Should a customer that has requested a Formal Quote or requested us to finalize fabrication costs of their model, and we generate final fabrication costs and a ‘Formal Quote,’ and then the customer cancels the project, the 1-time design will then be billed at 100% of the estimated design costs to the customer following notification of project termination AND NOT include the project management fee.

Cancelation of a 3D Print Order

If a customer would like to cancel a 3D print after it has been submitted to our 3D printer, we will immediately contact the printer and request a cancelation. If possible, we will refund their money once the project termination with our printer is complete. If their model has already gone into production, we CANNOT refund the customer’s money.

Cancelation of a 3D Print Order includes a cancelation fee of 25% of the fabrication costs or $45, whichever is the least. 

Return Policy

We do not accept returns of 3D prints. These products are made to order.

Shipping Damage

If a model breaks during shipping, please contact us immediately and send us a photo of the broken model. We will contact our printer and begin the process of replacing your model at no cost to you.

3D Print Request Cancelation

If this process seems more complex than you anticipated, please let us know and we’ll cancel your 3D print request and remove for form submission from our database.