Medical Animation

Biologic Models creates cutting-edge 3D medical animations that explain the intricacies of biochemistry using the production techniques found in film and television. Our team of 3D artists and talented scientific directors draw from over 40 years of combined production experience in the video game industry, commercial and documentary television, Mechanism of Action 3D Animation, and feature films. We hope you enjoy a few samples of our work below.


DXP Synthase 6OUV-6OUW

Featured Image

3D Print of DXP Synthase in both its “Open” and “Closed” states. Protein dataset color-coded to denote active loops and binding motifs while highlighting three active site Histidine residues by their heteroatom color. The base for 3D prints includes a QR Code link to a 3D animated molecular visualization of DXP Synthase changing conformation from…

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The Lifecycle of HIV

Learn about the process we go through to create 3D medical animations about complex and fascinating biochemical processes.

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Photo-real Medical Animation

This 3D Photo-real Medical Animation that depicts a Shoulder Joint Mobility Test to be performed by a patient following shoulder replacement surgery. Photo-real medical animations hold the attention of the viewer because of the immediate wonder of seeing the real world in a new way.

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Zaltrap MOA 3D Animation

Depicting dynamic macro-molecular structures is an exciting part of our storytelling process. See some examples of this in our Zaltrap MOA Medical Animation.

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2.5D Medical Animation

This is an example of 2.5D animation. 2D animation that uses 3D animated elements. This is a simpler, faster way to tell some stories and provides clients with greater flexibility when deciding on stylistic approaches.

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Mechanism of Disease 3D Animation

This is an example of a Mechanism of Disease 3D animation. 'MOD' 3D animations are narrative educational videos that explain how normal physiology develops into pathology.

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Covidien Tristaple Technology

Medical device companies need 3D-animations to explain how their products work in the body. In these narratives, we focus on highlighting technological advancements and marketplace advantages of our clients. This animation showcases the new Tristaple product line from Covidien demonstrating an increased safety and patient tolerance profile through decrease pressure and tissue damage.

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