• CRISPR Cpf1 Bound to Guide RNA and Target DNA

    From x-ray crystallography data to 3D printed model to augmented reality app, this CRISPR Cpf1 protein guide explains the inner workings of this amazing genome editing system.

  • Annexin XII Hexamer

    3D print of Annexin B12 Hexamer created from protein dataset PDB ID: 1AEI; CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF THE ANNEXIN XII HEXAMER

  • Comparative Analysis of EGFR

    Conducting comparative analysis of known protein structures to unknown protein structures of allows researchers and scientists to develop theories about protein behavior. Here we investigate the structural differences of inactive EGFR and a mutant EGFR in order to understand the how pharmaceutical products prevent cellular proliferation.

  • GLP-1 Comparative Analysis

    Understanding the relationship of GLP-1 and a natural animal analog to their receptors provides important insights into a rational model for drug design of next-generation GLP-1 analogs.

  • Hemoglobin, Hb, 1HHO, Biologic Models

    Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb

    3D reproduction of Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb, 18 Million times larger than diameter actual protein. Colored in red are the protein’s HEME Groups, disk-like structures with an Iron atom core. It is to this Iron atom core that binds O2 molecules (Blue) bind.

  • Ebola Virus, Ectodomain, Biologic Models

    Ebola Virus Ectodomain

    The crystal structure of the Ebola Virus Glycoprotein in its trimeric, prefusion conformation is derived from a human survivor of the 1995 Kikwit outbreak. In this 3D exploration of the Ebola Virus Glycoprotein, we will investigate different surface properties and binding sites through 3D printed models and animation.


  • Insulin Receptor, 3W14, 4ZXB

    3D Print of the Insulin Receptor bound by Insulin

    This is a 3D print of the Insulin Receptor in complex with Insulin. This model is generated from PDB IDs:  3Wi4 and 2MFR. It is color coded to denote the dimer configuration on the plasma membrane.