The Lifecycle of HIV

Learn about the process we go through to create 3D medical animations about complex and fascinating biochemical processes.

Characters and Environment

3D Medical Illustrators prepare 3D models and style them to create a unique look and thematic feel. Our 3D animations create worlds within worlds showing how inside larger cellular structures, proteins tell amazing stories.


Storyboards are made in a varity of different ways. Some are based on 3D models, and some are pencil sketches.

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Rough Cut

In order to most efficiently and quickly create finalized 3D animations, we first produce a “Rough Cut” animation. Rough Cut animations are “lower quality” so as to allow for fast creation. This is the first pass a 3D animator will take at preparing the animated story.

Final Cut

And an example of a “Final Cut” quality animation, with high quality render settings, large image resolution, audio effects, music and voice over.