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Nuclear Pore Complex 7R5K

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Nuclear Pore Complex

Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) mediate the transport of proteins and molecules into the nucleus of cells. Dynamic structural changes enable this movement. This 3D printed molecular model of NPC 7R5K captures the pore in its constricted state. 

Biologic Explorer: Nuclear Pore Complex 7R5K

Protein Description

The eukaryotic nucleus pro­tects the genome and is enclosed by the two membranes of the nuclear envelope.  Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) perforate the nuclear envelope to facilitate nucleocytoplasmic transport. With a molecular weight of ∼120 MDa, the human NPC is one of the larg­est protein complexes. The architecture of a Nuclear Pore Complex is dynamic. It responds to changes in nuclear envelope tension with conforma­tional breathing that manifests in dilation and constriction movements.

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