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Zinc Fingers bound to DNA

Zinc Fingers bound to DNA

3D print of Zinc Fingers bound to DNA in full-color sandstone.

Protein Description 1MEY

Considerable recent effort has been devoted to the design and selection of sequence-specific DNA binding proteins based on tandem arrays of Cys2His2 zinc finger domains. While the DNA binding properties of these designed proteins have been studied extensively, the structural basis for site-specific binding has not been examined experimentally. Here we report the crystal structure of a complex between a protein comprised of three consensus-sequence-based zinc finger domains and an oligonucleotide corresponding to a favorable DNA binding site. This structure reveals relatively simple modular interactions and structural adaptations that compensate for differences in contact residue side-chain lengths.

Biologic Explorer: 1MEY

Model Description

This 3D printed protein model of Zinc FingersĀ  Wrapped Around DNA visualizes the interactions of 3 zinc fingers (blues) with DNA (red yellow). This model was created from PDB ID: 1MEY and printed in full-color.

3D PrintĀ Zinc Fingers bound to DNA