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Augemented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Real-time 3D, are a collection of terms referring to a new type of visualization technology. AR/VR technologies integrate the user's local real-world environment with an extra layer of digital interactive 3D experience.  Below is a collection of some of our most recent projects and experiments in Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality App

CRISPR, Cpf1, AR, Protein Explorer, Biologic Models

CRISPR Cpf1 Augmented Reality App

June 7, 2017

The CRISPR Cpf1 Augmented Reality App allows people to explore...

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CRISPR Cpf1, Biologic Models

3D Print of CRISPR Cpf1

December 24, 2016

Configure and 3D Print in a variety of materials and...

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Realtime 3D

MT-3724, Biologic Models, Molecular Templates,

MT-3724 Realtime 3D Explorer

February 27, 2018

MT-3724 Realtime 3D Explorer Here we can see the anti-CD20...

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