Biologic Models

Welcome to Biologic Models!  We transform protein data into scientific models for use in continuing medical education. Doctors and healthcare professionals need access to up to date educational material in order to stay informed about the advancements of modern medicine. Biologic Models specializes in producing “physician-centric” educational products. Our 3D printed protein models visualize important medical breakthroughs, transforming the microscopic proteins that interact with drugs into scientific models large enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

3D Printed Protein Models

It is exciting to see a protein for the first time. Visualizing the 3-dimensional structure of a protein is important to understand its function. X-ray crystallography data-sets provide us with a window into the molecular universe. 3D printing allows us to reach into that window and examine proteins with hands-on exploration. This provides immediate access to medical information once too complex to discus with patients.

50 Hemoglobin Biologic Models

50 Hemoglobin Biologic Models

Manufacturing Biologic Models

Biologic Models does more than just print individual protein models, we have developed our own manufacturing process that produces protein models cast in durable color-coded materials. Our premium quality plastic resin models can be tailored to meet the specifications of any product brand or messaging requirement. Unlike 3D printed protein models, our manufactured plastic models can be reproduced identically by thousands at price points reciprocal to order size.

Continuing Medical Education

Biologic Models speak to immediate needs of Healthcare professionals and communicate therapy specific information related to protein function using the proteins drugs target. Biologic Models provides the first hand-on approach to communicating “Mechanism of Action” information to patients. This is a revolutionary new approach to continuing medical education and pharmaceutical detailing.

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