RSV Fusion Glycoprotein Prefusion 5TDL

This 3D printed protein model of RSV Fusion Glycoprotein Prefusion 3RRT.

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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) invades host cells via a type I fusion (F) glycoprotein that undergoes dramatic structural rearrangements during the fusion process. 

Model Description
This 3D printed protein model of RSV Fusion Glycoprotein in its Prefusion state is colored shades of magenta to visualize the viral binding protein’s three fusion (F) chains. One chain is colored as a blue to red from N to C Terminal. Biologic model
paired with RSV Fusion Glycoprotein Postfusion 3D printed protein model.

Designed to be used with the RSV Fusion Glycoprotein Base.

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Created from PDB ID:  3RRT