Packaging Oxygenated Hemoglobin


It’s Packaging Day at Biologic Models. We’re sending out the first shipment of mass produced Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb to our customer in Switzerland!

Here they are, our first order for Hemoglobin!  Mike and I checked everything over, put the final polish on the bases, and boxed each unit up.  50 down, 50 more to go
Hemoglobin, Biologic Model
Very amazing working with Michael Gulen and Jeremy Monz. Thanks for all the hard work guys.

Packaging Mass Produced Hemoglobin Video

Want to read more about our work creating the first Protein Action-figure Toy? Read the Wired magazine article that started it!

Read more about Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb by reading the Wired Magazine article. Stay tuned for more!

3D Print Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb

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