Hbp2 protein complexed with heme 4MYP



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This is a 3D printed protein model of Hbp2 bound to HEME Groups. Each chain of Hbp2 is colored red and blue and HEME Group yellow. The model is printed in full-color sandstone and created from PDB ID: 4MYP. 

Protein Description
Iron is an essential nutrient that is required for the growth of the bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. In cell cultures, this microbe secretes hemin/hemoglobin-binding protein 2 (Hbp2; Lmo2185) protein, which has been proposed to function as a hemophore that scavenges heme from the environment. Based on its primary sequence, Hbp2 contains three NEAr transporter (NEAT) domains of unknown function. Here we show that each of these domains mediates high affinity binding to ferric heme (hemin) and that its N- and C-terminal domains interact with hemoglobin (Hb). The results of hemin transfer experiments are consistent with Hbp2 functioning as an Hb-binding hemophore that delivers hemin to other Hbp2 proteins that are attached to the cell wall.

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Created from PDB ID: 4MYP