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Scientific models of proteins transform the invisible beauty of the molecular universe into something tangible, something understandable. Designing 3D models of molecules that can be #3Dprinted is time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we work directly with 3D printing services to resolve complex structural issues that normally prevent protein data from printing.

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Custom Design and 3D Printing Process

Please take a moment and read more about the Design and Fabrication Process before filling out our submission form.

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Creating a customized 3D printed protein model is a multi-stage process, involving the design and technical integration of protein data with 3D printing technologies. Biologic Models will design your custom 3D printed protein model and manage the fabrication of it during the weeks follow 3D print submission.

Determining Costs

There are two primary factors that define the total costs of an order, a One-time Design Service and Fabrication Cost to 3D Print the model in the desired material.

  1. One-time Design Service: One-time cost required for visualization scientist to process your request, prepare the quote, design a printable 3D model, and work with the 3D printing service to resolve any design issue that would prevent successful printing or shipping.
  2. The Fabrication Costs: covers the costs to 3D print your model in the requested material and size. The purchase of additional copies does not include the one-time design fee.

Contact Us to Ask Questions

If you have any questions about the process or your request, send us an email and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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