Design and Fabrication Process Overview

Before designing your model, we ask customers to reserve the time for our visualization scientist to translate your requests into a printable 3D protein model. Every protein data set is different, requiring customization to ensure a 3D model created from it printable according to material specifications. The only way to accurately quote a protein model is for a Visualization Designer to spend multiple days designing the product. Only then can the final dimensions of the model be calculated and uploaded for pricing. Our goal is to design a 3D model that is both printable and designed to be repurchased as inexpensively as possible. Once the requested dataset is reviewed, our Visualization Designer will scan the dataset to determine the appropriate Design Services to create a printable scientific model in the requested material and scale.

To give you an idea of pricing and material options, we’ll then share a link to another Biologic Model of similar specifications to your requested model. Please visit our 3D Printing Shop to see pricing examples for Biologic Models printed in multiple sizes.