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Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb

Protein Description

Hemoglobin; abbreviated Hb or Hgb, is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates as well as the tissues of some invertebrates. Hemoglobin in the blood carries oxygen from the lungs or gills to the rest of the body (i.e. the tissues). There it releases the oxygen to permit aerobic respiration to provide energy to power the functions of the organism in the process called metabolism. A healthy individual has “12 to 16” grams of hemoglobin in every 100 ml of blood.

In 1825 J. F. Engelhard discovered that the ratio of iron to protein is identical in the hemoglobins of several species. This protein model was created from PDB ID: 1HHO

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Model Description

This is a 3D print of Oxygenated Hemoglobin (Hb), created from PDB ID: 1HHO. The globulin chains (2x A,B) of this model are colored white, HEME groups red, and Oxygen Molecules Blue. This model also visualizes the location of Glu6 residue (medium Grey) of both chain Bs. This amino acid is known to mutate in Sickle Cell Anemia causing hemoglobin molecules to stick together at Phe85 and Leu88 (Light Grey).

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