Protein Models

Biologic Models designs custom 3D printed scientific models of proteins, cells, human anatomy, and geology. Contract the design services of our Visualization Scientist to create custom consumer scientific products and 3D printed protein models.


MOA 3D Animation

Tell the stories of protein interactions and biomedical innovation through 3D animated Mechanism of Action 3D animation. Work with our Visualization Scientists and Project Managers to translate your products unique characteristics into videos that increase product visibility and SEO optimization.

CRISPR, Cpf1, AR, Protein Explorer, Biologic Models

Mixed Reality Apps

Our passion is combing the digital and physical worlds. Mixed Reality platforms like developed by Google and Apple transform a mobile phone into a digital 3D browser that use 3D models and imagery to trigger animated experience. This is our Bread-and-Butter. Let Biologic Models help you visualize your Mixed Reality experiences.

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Transformative Scientific Visualizations

At Biologic Models, our mission is to bridge the information gap that separates people from understanding the beautiful dynamics of molecular biology. We do this by visualizing scientific data as 3-dimensional transformative experiences.

Boutique Science Communication

Work directly with a professional biomedical visualization scientist, speak the language of science during the course of production with creative scientists that enjoy nothing more than understanding advancements in micro-biology.


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