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Please take a moment and read more about the Design and Fabrication Process before filling out our submission form.

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Design and Fabrication Process

Creating a customized 3D printed protein model is a multi-stage process that takes multiple people and days of full-time labor to complete an order over the course of multiple weeks. There are two primary factors that define the total costs of an order, the Design Services to create the digital model and Fabrication Cost to 3D print the model. Below is an outline of the process to create a custom 3D printed protein model.

  1. Biologic Models reviews the initial submission and responds with recommendations for the 3D print, and examples of what other Biologic Models cost to 3D print a protein model of similar size and dimensions,
  2. Biologic Models will recommend appropriate Design Services to create your custom 3D printed model
  3. Customer purchases Design Services to reserves time of a visualization scientist to design a printable protein model and generate an accurate final quote for the fabrication costs of the model in the requested material and scale.
  4. Biologic Models will design a printable model to these specifications and submit it to our printing service for automated inspection and pricing.
    1. After we receive automated approval for printing, we will then prepare a product page for you to purchase your finalized 3D model.
  5. Customer purchases 3D print from the product page.
  6. Biologic Models will then work with the printing service to correct any issues identified during a manual inspection immediately prior to printing that may otherwise prevent successful printing and shipment.
    1. Once model passes final inspection, it then enters into a queue for printing. Fabrication time depends on the material selection and position in the printer’s queue. Printing time varies between 8-14 days.
  7. Printing service will clean, paint, package and ship the model directly to you.
    1. Should the model break during shipping, the printing service will replace the model free of charge.

Contact Us to Ask Questions

If you have any questions about the process or your request, send us an email and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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