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Create Your Own 3D Printed Protein Model

Hand-held protein models transport people into an invisible universe of molecular biology. The 3D printing revolution has now made this unique experience a possibility. To create your very own 3D printed protein model, take a second and read more about the design and fabrication process and then fill out our submission form. We look forward to helping you communicate science to the people

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Design and Data Processing, Quote, and Submission Process

  1. Complete this form, including a PDB ID
  2. Your quote will include
    1. 1-time design and Data Processing fee
    2. Material cost to print the protein. This price is determined by
      1. Complexity of protein model
      2. Size of the requested print
    3. Costs to ship the protein
    4. Digital preview of requested model
    5. Visit our Shop to see pricing examples to purchase a 3D print. (Please note, these prices do not include the 1-time design fee.)
  3. Once payment is received, then our team will complete the model design and then submit your model to the printer for inspection.
  4. After inspection of the model is complete and approved for printing, we will submit your order and have the print shipped directly to you.
  5. Once models pass the inspection process, our printer will then guarantee your model will successfully print and ship. Should your model reach you and break during shipping, please notify us with a photograph of the pieces and we will contact the printer and request a new print of your model.

Pricing Overview

The total cost of the first custom 3D printed protein model is based on two primary factors, the 1-time design fee and the material cost to 3D print the custom model. Future prints can be purchased online at a reduced price that does not include the one-time cost to design the model.

  1. Please note, it takes many hours to process data into a printable protein model. It’s impossible to accurately estimate the cost of a protein model just by analyzing the data set. Only after data processing is complete can an accurate quote be generatedCost of our design services varies by complexity of the request. Volumetric models cost the least to design. Ball and stick, ribbon, or a combination of the three types of visualization cost the most.
  2. Change Requests: An additional change request fee is included to update initial designs and varies by complexity of the request. Therefore, customer requested revisions after our initial quote should be considered an agreement to contract our design services and payment for the design fee should be made up front before proceeding. 

Contact Us to Ask Questions

If you have any questions about the process or your request, send us an email and someone will respond as soon as possible. Contact Us