Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb (Sandstone)


Model Description

The Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb 3d printed protein model is color-coded to visualize the structural properties of hemoglobin: 4 globulin chains  (2x lite-yellow Alpha chains, 2x lite red Beta chains), 4 HEME Groups (red), 4 Histidine residues (Gray) each bound to a HEME Group, 4 Oxygen molecules (blue) each bound to HEME Groups.  In addition, this model of Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb can also be used to explain Sickle Cell Anemia. Using two models of Hemoglobin, The mutations of Glu6 (lite-maroon) of each Beta chain can lead to positioned next to hydrophobic regions (medium-red) next to the HEME Groups of the beta chains. This linking of hemoglobin molecules continues to extend inside red blood cells until they form a long molecular fibers pushing the boundary of a round red blood cell into a sickle-shaped blood cell. 

  • Glossy Full Color Sandstone
  • Matte Full Color Sandstone
  • Extra Small ~3 cm
  • Small ~4.5 cm
  • Medium ~7 cm
  • Large ~9.5 cm
  • Extra Large ~16 cm

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