Maco-molecular Volumetric 3D Printed Protein Model Design Services (Complex)


Purchase the design services of a 3D visualization scientist to customize a Macro-molecular Volumetric 3D Printed Protein Model for 3D printing Using Multiple PDB Datasets. These design services cover the costs to design a 3d printable model and then use it to calculate the costs to fabricate the model in the requested material and scale.

Design services are based on customer requests. Changes to initial design that require the generation of a new quote may include additional design services.



Creating a custom 3D printed protein model requires a number of specialized processes, software, and personnel. Our 3D visualization scientists will work with you to understand the importance of this protein and how best to visualize its unique properties. Not every data set will produce a printable model easily, and this may require additional design time. Once a design is completed and the customer purchases a 3D print of the approved design, we will then work with the printing service to ensure this design prints and ships successfully. Should the model break during shipping, our printing service ensures its replacement free of charge.

From start to finish, it takes about 2 weeks to process a request and then fabricates your custom protein model. Once the model has successfully printed, it will be shipped directly to you.


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