Insulin Receptor bound by Insulin

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This is a 3D print of the Insulin Receptor in complex with Insulin. This model is generated from PDB IDs:  3Wi4 and 2MFR. It is color coded to denote the dimer configuration on the plasma membrane.

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Model Description

Insulin Receptor printed in full-color sandstone. Receptor dimer chains colored blue and green. Insulin chains A and B colored Orange and Yellow)

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Insulin Receptor bound by Insulin Protein Description

The insulin receptor (IR) is a transmembrane receptor that is activated by insulin, IGF-I, IGF-II and belongs to the large class of tyrosine kinase receptors.[5] Metabolically, the insulin receptor plays a key role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis, a functional process that under degenerate conditions may result in a range of clinical manifestations including diabetes and cancer.[6][7] Biochemically, the insulin receptor is encoded by a single gene INSR, from which alternate splicing during transcription results in either IR-A or IR-B isoforms.[8] Downstream post-translational events of either isoform result in the formation of a proteolytically cleaved α and β subunit, which upon combination are ultimately capable of homo or hetero-dimerisation to produce the ≈320 kDa disulfide-linked transmembrane insulin receptor.[8]

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