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3D Print of MT-3724


This is a 3D print of MT-3724 bound to the CD20 receptor created from protein dataset 1DM0, 1IM3, and 20SL.


Product Description

Protein Description

This 3D print of MT-3724 demonstrates a unique mechanism of action of this immunotoxin. MT-3724 is a new type of immunotherapy developed by Molecular Templates. This cytotoxic drug utilizes their innovative Engineered Toxic Bodies (ETBs) drug delivery platform to trigger cell death. MT-3724 is being developed for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and harnesses the immunotherapy power of antibody receptor-specific targeting combined, a bacterial process for cell invasion that infects cancer cells with ribosomal inhibitors that strangle protein synthesis. MT-3724 demonstrates a unique mechanism of action, packing a cytotoxic 1-2-3 cancer killing punch.

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