EGFR, Mutant, Biologic Models
EGFR Mutant Tyrosine Kinase Mutations in EGFR lead to over-expression of proteins and different types of cancers as cells continually Read more
EGFR, Biologic models, 4HJO
EGFR Wild Type Tyrosine Kinase This is a 3D print of X-ray crystallography dataset 4HJO, the Crystal Structure of the Read more
Humalog, Biologic Models, Diabetes, Insulin
Humalog Insulin Hexamer Do you forget to take your medication before meals? Use this 3D printed Biologic Model of Humalog Read more
CRISPR. Cas13a, Biologic Models
CRISPR-Cas13a CRISPR Cas13a is a newly discovered member of the Genome editing system making waves in the biotech community. Explore Read more
Cytochrome MtrC, 4LM8
Cytochrome MtrC 3D Print of Cytochrome MtrC in full-color sandstone. Model created from PDB ID 4LM8 and available in multiple Read more
Pembrolizumab, ( KEYTRUDA ), PD1, Keytruda, Biologic Models
Monoclonal IgG4 Antibody bound to PD1 Humanized antibody are used in cancer immunotherapy to target the programmed cell death receptor Read more
Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb Hemoglobin, the protein from inside red blood cells, transports oxygen molecules throughout the body. Its macro-molecular symmetrical Read more
Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor, 3UON
Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor 3UON Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors are G protein-coupled receptor complexes in the cell membranes of certain neurons and cells. They play several roles, Read more
RSV, Fusion, Glycoprotein, Prefusion, 5TDL
This is a 3D print of the RSV Fusion Glycoprotein in its prefusion state. The 3D printed protein models of Read more
Insulin Receptor, Biologic Models, Diabetes,
Insulin Receptor Complex Insulin is a chemical messenger produced by the pancreas in response to food. Use this 3D printed Biologic Read more
fHbp, Fusion H-binding protein, Antibody, FAB, Biologic Models
FAB Antibody bound to Meningococcal fHbp 3D printed protein models of a FAB Antibody bound to Meningococcal fHbp. These models are designed Read more
RsmE-CsrA bound to mRNA This is a 3D print of RsmE bound to two strands of mRNA visualized as a Read more