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MT-3724 Protein Model

This is a theoretical model designed from the information contained in the publication listed below. MT-3724 is a unique immunotoxin assembled from a variety of other protein complexes. As an immunotoxin, MT-3724 packs a mean 1-2 punch, triggering apoptosis and an immune response by conjugating bacterial toxins onto an anti-CD20 FAB-fragment.  Learn more about this protein complex by exploring its 3D-structure. 

MT-3724 Realtime 3D Explorer

Here we can see the anti-CD20 FAB light (yellow) and heavy (grey) chains bound to the CD20 Receptor (blue) lodged in a membrane. This is the natural orientation of CD20 and the FAB found in protein dataset 20SL. On top of the FAB complex is the ETB scaffolding. The Shiga-like Toxin is composed of two protein chains, A1 and A2. A1 (red) is the larger protein and is responsible for inactivating ribosomes. A2 (dark magenta) is the smaller protein.  Grafted onto the Shiga-like Toxin is the Cytomegalovirus

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Engineered Toxin Bodies: A next-generation immunotoxin scaffold

Realtime 3D Explorer

Protein (dark purple). Click and drag the model below to rotate and explore the 3D structure.