Medical Animation

  • Medical Animation


    Biologic Animation produces cutting edge 3D medical animation that tell Mechanism of Action stories for pharmaceutical, medical malpractice, and marketing agencies.

  • CogRx: Hope on the Horizon


    Hope on the Horizon is a 3D MOA medical animation depicting new theories about biochemical mechanism of disease and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. (more…)

  • Shoulder Joint Mobility Test


  • Zaltrap MOA Medical Animation


    Depicting dynamic macro-molecular structures is an exciting part of our storytelling process. See some examples of this in our Zaltrap MOA Medical Animation. (more…)

  • Finding the Origins of Life


    In the summer of 2009, we had the chance to work with the National Geographic Channel’s television series Naked Science on their show, Finding the Origins of Life. (more…)

  • HIV Protease: Mutation Residues

    HIV Protease