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Protein Description 3C1B

Here we present crystal structures of nucleosomes reconstituted with methylated histones and investigate the folding behavior of resulting arrays. We demonstrate that dimethylation of histone H3 at lysine residue 79 locally alters the nucleosomal surface, whereas trimethylation of H4 at lysine residue 20 affects the higher-order structure. 

Model Description

This is a 3D printed model of Nucleosome. A nucleosome is a structural unit of a eukaryotic chromosome, consisting of a length of DNA coiled around a core of histones. The core is made up of 8 histone proteins colored purple according to their bFactor, warmest=pink, coolest=blue. The coiled DNA strand is colored from N to C Terminal blue to red. This allows us to see the anti-parallel winding of one DNA strand to another.

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