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3D Print of CRISPR Cpf1

Biologic Models, CRISPR, Cpf1

This is a volumetric reconstruction of genome editing system, CRISPR Cpf1. It can be 3D printed in a variety of materials and sizes. Seen here, Cpf1 is colored blue, DNA colors yellow and green, and guide RNA colored Red. Below is a photo of both our CRISPR Cpf1 and Cas9 models.

CRISPR, Cpf1, Genomics, Biologic Models, Biologic Animation,
Biologic Animation, Biologic Models, CRISPR,Cpf1,
Biologic Animation, Biologic Models, CRISPR, Cpf1
CRISPR, Cpf1, Genome, Molecular Animation, Biologic Animation, Biologic Models,
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Protein Model

Augmented Reality Base

Download the Augmented Reality App

The CRISPR Cpf1 Augmented Reality Base is designed to be used with a companion smartphone app. Use the app to launch an augmented reality experience to explorer the internal anatomy of CRISPR Cpf1.