• PIP4K, Cornell, Lewis Cantley, Biologic Models

    PIP4K II Alpha and Beta

    Recently, Cornell University commissioned us to create 3D printed models of PIP4K II Alpha and Beta for the purpose of demonstrating PIP4K dimerization. (more…)

  • CRISPR Cpf1, Biologic Models,

    CRISPR Cpf1 Bound to Guide RNA and Target DNA

    Explore the 3-dimensional structure of CRISPR Cpf-1 and learn about the future of gene editing. From x-ray crystallography data to 3D printed model, this protein guide will walk you through the inner workings of this amazing genome editing tool.

  • Annexin XII

    3D print of Annexin B12 Trimer and Monomer created from protein dataset PDB ID: 1AEI; CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF THE ANNEXIN XII HEXAMER Protein Description “Annexins are a family of calcium- and phospholipid-binding proteins implicated in a number of biological processes including membrane fusion and ion channel formation. The crystal structure of the annexin XII hexamer, refined […]

  • Comparative Analysis of EGFR

    Conducting comparative analysis of known protein structures to unknown protein structures of allows researchers and scientists to develop theories about protein behavior. Here we investigate the structural differences of inactive EGFR and a mutant EGFR in order to understand the how pharmaceutical products prevent cellular proliferation.